Carpathian mountains, Ukraine

15-22 August 2019

The first Ecstatic Dance Fest in Ukraine
8 days of Ecstatic Dance journeys with DJs from Europe, Bali, New Zealand Russia and Ukraine!

And also: lots of live music, morning yoga, dance workshops, contact improvisation, sound meditations, tea and cacao ceremonies, bodyworks and much much more!

We create this space for those who want to freely express themselves in dance, those who trust and discover the wisdom of own body. Dance alone or with others, diving deeper into the dance every moment. Feeling the music, becoming a dance, move without thinking about anything, be free from time and space and then you will fully understand what an Ecstatic dance is!
What is waiting for you here?
Heart Opening Experience
The music that plays on the evening sets of Ecstatic Dance opens hearts!
5 kW Sound
5 kW of the purest sound for complete immersion in music and dance
World Music
Music collected from around the world! Integration of live music in DJ sets
Body Works
7 days of body practice - yoga, contact improvisation, spontaneous dances, body works and love!
Forest dancing
We are going to dance with a beautiful mountains and forest view, in solitude with a nature.
Clear mind
No dope, just a pure flow from Space of grace, joy and happiness!
The Venue
Somewhere between the peaks of the Carpathian Mountains, in the heart of the Hutsul traditions, between the wild forests lies the fabulous "Polonina" ("valley" in Hutsul local language). Polonina, where the mountain rivers originate, where the wonderful aromas of herbs and flowers hover in the air, where echoes of wild birds are heard through the mountain gorges ...
It is here, among the amazing Carpathian nature, we will spend an unforgettable time with our big ecstatic family!

Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Verkhovyna
The Program:
- Day and evening sets of Ecstatic Dance
- Morning yoga and awakening practices
- Contact improvisation classes
- Dance improvisational jams
- Authentic movement
- Performative practices
- Massage jams and bodyworks
- Body oriented sessions
- Bonfires and mountain hiking
- Breathworks
- Experimental theater
- A real mountain traditional sauna
- Cacao & Tea ceremonies
- Alpha Gravity
- Live music
Accommodation and meals:
1. At your own tents at the Art Camp " Dzin' ".

2. At our tent (+ sleeping bag and matress) - 5 eur/night for single person or 7 eur/night for couple

3. Teepee - more comfortable option with double bed or twin bed - 15 EUR/night per teepee

4. Comfortable room with double or twin beds in nearby guesthouse (15 min to the venue by transfer around the hill or 15 min walking by feet using a shortcut from hill) - 20 eur per room/night (1 daily transfer to the hill to venue is included).

- 6 shower cabins with warm water
- Summer kitchen
- Toilets
- Tea area
- Dining room
- Chill out area
- Bonfire area
- Mountain traditional sauna

Vegetarian meal – 3 times a day (extra charge).
We use organic products only.
Delicious homemade dairy products and bread.

We cook with love in heart and silent mind!
Tickets and accommodation in your tent:

Early Bird Tickets
only 99 Euros

until July 7th

119 Euros
until August 5th

150 Euro
until August 15th

Children under 12 years - free
Nanny or carer - contact us individually

Vegetarian meals 3 times a day:
8 Euro per day (56 Euro for all festival days)
Children under 12 years old - 50% of the cost.
or you can purchase meal separately at our organic cafe.
Meet our team:
Alex Fedorov
Project coordinator.
"Ecstatic Dance Journeys",
"Alchemy of Breath", Alpha-gravity, Contact improvisation

Eduard Yasaveev
Project coordinator.
Ecstatic Dance and Contact improvisation "Movement simplicity"

Alex Djinn
Ecstatic Dance Dj and facilitator.
Musical shaman and guide to the world of ecstatic sound
Katerina Karunika
Muse. Cocoa master. Immersion in the ancient drink of the Maya Indians
Eugene Eco
Knows everything about the space and eco technologies.
Ekaterina Stukalo
Sound guide.
Student of the international school "Spirit of Himalayas"

Yurii Kuzin
Contact improvisation and Authentic movement
Polina Chuikova
Dance therapist.
Knowledge of the sacred power of women
Taisiya Melnik
Acrojazz. Course "Metaphysics of Movement" - Acro Yoga,
body-oriented practices, bioenergy, tantra, performance, massage

Andrey Utenkov
Performer, Butoh dancer, Playback Theater
Anna Leo
Vocal trainer and actress.
Voice disclosure practices

Tatyana Lakshmi
Guiding cocoa ceremony and sound journeys.
Founder of the Lavka Spice,
Vladimir Svet
Master of massage, Ayurveda therapist, doctor neurologist
Traveler and explorer of outer space and inside depths

Olenka Nezhentseva
Sound Therapist, Singing Bowls, Tea Ceremonies
Vlad Zadiraka
Dj, Qigong Meditation, Qi accumulation
Antonina Yasinskaya
Yoga and dance therapy
Vladislava Cherchenko
Psychologist, art therapist. Getting to know yourself through creativity.
Timura Arbetova
Contact improvisation and performance.
Professional musician, composer, conductor, teacher.
Cyprian Graczyk
Poland - Australia
Lab Design Sound
Ethnic Trance Dance and Sound Ceremonies with Ethno Instruments
Seryozha Nabroskyn
Mul'tiinstrumentalist, gitarist improvizator ..prosto ni o chem i obo vsem odnovremenno..
Dj Yanin Lorey
New Zealand
Walker Barnard
I heard about Ecstatic Dance. Why do I need it?
This is an opportunity to be in the safe and confidential space of dance, where you may feel yourself more deeply and express everything which comes up . This is not a dance and choreography lesson, it is a free and spontaneous dance that is born by itself if you listen to your body.
Should I know how to dance?
You already know how to dance, even if you think you don't know how :)

Ecstatic Dance is a return from head to body. It's not about how the movement looks, but how you feel it. In Ecstatic Dance you can see a huge variety of dances for the same music - from smooth to heavy, from just walking to sitting in meditation. You can move as you wish, even if it seems to you that it looks stupid - it does not matter at all. It is important that it comes from your heart.
What kind of music would it be?
Music for practice is selected from around the world, a mixture of ethnic and electronic instruments, a variety of styles and performers. Basically it is melodic and rhythmic music that affects the deep strings of your soul ...
How does it go?
This is a whole ritual that basically begins with a general acquaintance and instructions, then an introductory part to dive into the presence states and the beginning of the music set with a slower part of the music. Over time, the music accelerates, it becomes more intense, which gives you the opportunity to reveal your movements to the full. Gradually, the music becomes slow again, and the musical set smoothly ends. After that, without spilling over the state, we gather in a circle and hugging or holding hands to observe what is happening inside us. Also, sometimes, mantras or AUM are sung.
Why can't I talk on the dance floor?
The dance floor space is a safe and sacred space in which all verbal communication is not needed. All you need is to be in the flow and listen to music that itself leads you
Do I need a dance partner?
No, basically it is an independent dance. But if you have a partner, take him or her with you! You can dance solo, and you can dance together if it does not interfere with your immersion.
If you want to interact with someone unfamiliar on the dance floor, make sure that he is ready to make contact, and you will not interfere with him
What do I need to take with me?
The very first thing you need to take is your "home" - a tent, a sleeping bag, a rug !!

- 2 sets of light clothes (pants + T-shirt)
- warm clothes for evening events in case of a cold snap (warm socks, pants, sweatshirt)
- knee pads (for comfort, not required)

You will also need:
- warm clothes to sleep
- light clothing for hot days
- shoes (sneakers or sneakers)
- Sunglasses
- sunscreen
- rain cover
- personal hygiene products (wet wipes, comb, z. brush, paste, shampoo ...)
- towel
- slippers
- insect repellent
- individual medications
- a convenient and cozy mug for tea or a thermos - for gatherings in the tea zone - we will drink delicious herbs and other teas
- do not forget the chargers for your equipment :)

You may also take:
- yoga mat
- easy blanket (for massage and yoga will be very useful)
- warming or massage balsam for tired muscles and sprains
- you can take your favorite herbs, teas, coffee and spices
- Paints, favorite materials for hand-made (optional)
- camera
We welcome members with children, but at the same time we want to make sure that you understand
that the responsibility for your child and for ensuring that it does not interfere with the overall process lies on you.
May I come earlier or leave later?
Yes, you can come from August 10, and stay after the festival at the Contact Improvisation Camp from August 23 to 30
Self catering
Yes, you can eat by yourself. Camping will have a place with a kettle and tiles.
Partial participation in the festival
You can come for any number of days, but we recommend participating in the whole festival.
For helper, musicians and masters
If you feel that you can be useful to the space and the festival as a helper, musician or master, fill in the appropriate field during registration, and we will contact you and discuss the conditions of your participation!
Ecstatic Dance agreement
To achieve the greatest comfort, freedom of expression and safeness in space, I agree with the following:

- I do not speak in the space of dance
- I dance barefoot
- I do not come to the space of dance under alcohol or drugs
- I respect the dance space (of others and the collective space):
If you want to dance with someone, start with eye contact and make sure that the other person wants it too.

- Respect the refusal of another person (for example, when you are ignored)
- Respect the other person's right to a solo dance. For example, when your dance time has come to an end according to your partner or desire.

The Ecstatic Dance Space is a place for transformation, healing and free movement.
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